Adult Recreational Soccer

Adult Soccer

Adult Soccer is a fast growing segment of Markham Soccer Club with in excess of 1500 registrants in our summer and winter programs.  There are teams playing in recreational leagues for men, women, co-ed and over 35 men both summer and winter.  In addition we have teams playing in the YRSL and OWSL.

The aim of our adult programs is to provide a place to play for all ages and skill levels.  While we may not have enough interest for all these possibilities, we strive to provide opportunities for as many levels as we can.

When players finish rep and house league soccer there is often a void which leads to a disconnect with the game at age 18.  We want to provide a place for these players to continue playing and enjoying soccer and, by keeping them engaged at Markham Soccer Club, create a source for all types of volunteers to carry on the work of our Club.  Also, at the other end of the scale we would like to provide a place for adults to continue enjoying the game while keeping fit and sharing good recreational fun.

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Gordon Cole
Director Adult Soccer